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"Wow I’m so impressed! Thanks Rise N Shine for your continued outstanding service, I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants a good reliable window cleaner!"- Christine Thompson, Duston.

"The level of service at Rise 'N' Shine Window Cleaning is fantastic. Having been a customer for many months now, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism of the staff I have come into contact with. Thank you!”.- Mrs L Henderson, Earls Barton.

"In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. Rise 'N' Shine Window Cleaning was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service is fantastic- Keep up the good work!" - James Owen, Abington, Northampton.

"Good reliable window cleaners are a rare breed I’ve found over the years. I have always found Rise ‘N’ Shine to be friendly, polite and professional. They turn up when they say they will and do a great job." - David Manning. Moulton, Northants.

"My daughter recommended these window cleaners to me after my last window cleaner let me down. they are totally reliable and do a great job every time. My windows have never looked so clean since they’ve been cleaning them." - Mrs Holt. Kingsthorpe, Northampton.

"I thought that every window cleaner did basically the same sort of thing until I asked this company to come and clean my windows. They are absolutely brilliant and do more than what any other window cleaner would do." - Mr Newton, Harpole.

"I still can't believe how this company got my windows to look after my last window cleaner disappeared. My windows look brand new now which makes me wonder what I was paying for with the last window cleaner?" - Debbie Clayton, Duston.

"Brilliant, reliable window cleaning company that I would highly recommend to anyone!”. - John Casey, Wooton.

"At last, decent window cleaners that can be trusted to do what you pay them to do. Great service and reasonable prices”. - Mr Derek Jennings, East Hunsbury.

"I've never had any issues whatsoever over many years of excellent service from these guys. They are honest, friendly and always do a really good job. Many thanks”. - Pete Talbot, Hardingstone.


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Rise ‘N’ Shine Window Cleaning

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What makes us so different

So what does make us so different from average window cleaners?

When cleaning windows you would naturally expect a window cleaner to clean the window glass right? Of course you would, but unlike many other window cleaners, we brush down the entire window frame removing cobwebs, dust and other debris before any window cleaning commences.

Average window cleaners don’t do this.

When your window glass gets dirty, it’s normally caused by dirt particles i.e. bird muck or pollution in rain water etc being blown onto glass and baked on by hot sunlight. The frame around the glass also get the same amount of punishment from the elements as the glass itself, so this is why we clean the frame as well as the glass and sills on all exterior windows. Average window cleaners don’t do this.

The situation is similar with your doors. Most exterior doors have glass in them. An average window cleaner will only clean the glass panel itself. As mentioned above, the whole door and door frame gets dirty at the same time as the glass panel in the door itself, so again we clean it all – the glass panel, the door, door frame and the door sill each time we visit. Average window cleaners don’t do this..

We will also remove any scuff marks on uPVC doors and door sills using a special uPVC cleaner and all this is part of our normal level of service. Average window cleaners don’t do this.

When cleaning window glass, there can be stubborn marks left on the glass from birds or snail trails etc. We will remove all of these marks whilst cleaning your windows. However for ‘Builder’s Cleans' or cleaning up after a messy ‘DIY project’ etc, we will charge extra to bring these particular windows back up to standard again.

What we do when we clean your windows for the first time

We usually spend much more time during your first clean than what you would probably expect us to (depending on your required service level). We may use powerful detergents, uPVC cleaners, specialist equipment and cleaning tools during your first clean that we wouldn’t normally use during regular window cleaning, but we do like to get the job done right, to a high standard and keep you happy!

This also makes it easier for us to keep up the high level of cleanliness on our regular return visits (assuming we clean your windows regularly).

Our normal regular window cleaning service only includes a standard wash of all uPVC frames, doors and window sills as well as the cleaning of all window glass (when we use the ‘Reach & Wash’ system). It is not the same as our ‘Intensive uPVC Frames Cleaning’ service, which is completed by scrub cleaning the frames (mostly by hand) using powerful detergents and special uPVC cleaners.

Value for money

We will always try to give the best value for money by cleaning your windows well. This means that we won’t need to come to you as often than is absolutely necessary. You get nice clean windows (glass, frames and sills) and you won’t have to pay us as often as you would with other cleaners.

Did you know The majority of our residential customers have their windows cleaned once every 8 weeks, rather than the usual monthly service?


This means that most of our residential customers save themselves ££££’s on total annual cleaning costs!

The ‘Pure’, ‘De-Ionised Water’ system we mainly use, should keep your windows cleaner for longer (under normal circumstances), and we also clean windows using the ‘Old Fashioned’, ‘Traditional Method’ (Ladders, Scrubber and Squeegee) if you prefer, but only if we deem it safe for us to do so.

We live, work, shop and socialise in Northampton – so we’re not about to give any of our customers a poor service.

If in the extremely unlikely event that you are not happy with your clean, just contact us on 01604 240329 and we will return to your property the very next working day and correct any problem to your satisfaction, totally free of charge.

Please remember to read our ‘Terms of Service’ before any work is carried out on your property!

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