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"Wow I’m so impressed! Thanks Rise N Shine for your continued outstanding service, I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants a good reliable window cleaner!"- Christine Thompson, Duston.

"The level of service at Rise 'N' Shine Window Cleaning is fantastic. Having been a customer for many months now, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism of the staff I have come into contact with. Thank you!”.- Mrs L Henderson, Earls Barton.

"In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. Rise 'N' Shine Window Cleaning was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service is fantastic- Keep up the good work!" - James Owen, Abington, Northampton.

"Good reliable window cleaners are a rare breed I’ve found over the years. I have always found Rise ‘N’ Shine to be friendly, polite and professional. They turn up when they say they will and do a great job." - David Manning. Moulton, Northants.

"My daughter recommended these window cleaners to me after my last window cleaner let me down. they are totally reliable and do a great job every time. My windows have never looked so clean since they’ve been cleaning them." - Mrs Holt. Kingsthorpe, Northampton.

"I thought that every window cleaner did basically the same sort of thing until I asked this company to come and clean my windows. They are absolutely brilliant and do more than what any other window cleaner would do." - Mr Newton, Harpole.

"I still can't believe how this company got my windows to look after my last window cleaner disappeared. My windows look brand new now which makes me wonder what I was paying for with the last window cleaner?" - Debbie Clayton, Duston.

"Brilliant, reliable window cleaning company that I would highly recommend to anyone!”. - John Casey, Wooton.

"At last, decent window cleaners that can be trusted to do what you pay them to do. Great service and reasonable prices”. - Mr Derek Jennings, East Hunsbury.

"I've never had any issues whatsoever over many years of excellent service from these guys. They are honest, friendly and always do a really good job. Many thanks”. - Pete Talbot, Hardingstone.


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Rise ‘N’ Shine Window Cleaning © 2017 | Terms of Use | Privacy | Contact Us |


To clean windows at the rear of your property we need to have access, therefore your side/rear gates or garage should be unlocked prior to our arrival. We usually ask you to supply us with your telephone number so we can ring or send a text the day/evening before a clean is due.

If for any reason our Rise ‘N’ Shine Window Cleaning operatives cannot gain any access to the rear of the property after we have contacted you by text message or by your other alternative preferred means of communication (supporting evidence will be provided on request), we will abandon your clean and leave a calling card to say we have called and have not been able to gain access to the rear of the property. At this point your window cleaning service with us has been temporarily suspended. We will not climb gates, walls or fences to access the rear of your property.

If you wish to continue your window cleaning service with us you must contact us on the number provided on the card so we can reschedule your clean. We reserve the right to charge an additional fee not exceeding £5.00 to cover fuel costs (depending on distance) to return to your property and complete your clean. If you do not contact us within 28 days from when we originally attempted to complete your clean, we will presume you no longer require our services and will delete your account.


Rise ‘N’ Shine Window Cleaning operate over a 52 week cycle of the year (including weekends) and take our business very seriously. For us to provide our clients with a reliable window cleaning service and for us not to fall behind on our busy schedule, we may sometimes have to clean your windows during poor weather conditions.

Rain does not affect the quality of your clean in anyway so we will usually try to clean your windows unless the rain is exceptionally heavy. We do however reserve the right to decide if any window cleaning services should be carried out or abandoned and rescheduled to a later date due to unexpected equipment failure, severe icy weather, heavy snowfall or gale force winds etc.

Please note that we cannot operate our Reach & Wash (water-fed pole system) during very low temperatures. This is usually due to risk of the equipment freezing, water freezing on window glass and window sills, water freezing on path and driveways (which could cause potential slip hazards). We also cannot operate the Reach & Wash (water-fed pole system) at height during high winds due to obvious health and safety issues.

In any of the above mentioned instances, we do normally try to reschedule your window cleaning to the next working day if possible. If we can't for any reason reschedule your window cleaning to the next working day due to continued bad weather, low temperatures or high winds etc, we will do our very best to get to you and complete your clean when we possibly can.


Rise 'N Shine Window Cleaning operate a policy where if you have opted for a regular window cleaning service on one of our regular cleaning schedules and cleaning lapses over your normal regular cleaning cycle due to cancellation by yourself, you will be charged a higher rate when cleaning commences to get these windows back up to standard. We only operate in certain area’s at certain times, so once you have been allocated to a specific round and would like to reschedule you clean to different date, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate this.


If you are not satisfied with our service or cleaning results please contact Rise ‘N’ Shine Window Cleaning on 01604 240329 within 24 hours from date of your clean. We will respond and rectify any issues to your satisfaction the next working day and totally free of charge.

If any complaint is proven not be a result of any service we have provided, Rise ‘N’ Shine Window Cleaning reserves the right to charge a call out fee of £10.00 which will be added to your next bill. We will not accept responsibility for any complaint that has been made after a 24 hour period from the date of your initial clean.


Due to current Health and Safety legislation we are not permitted to stand on any type of sloped roof to clean any type of window(s) above a sloped roof. However we can get around this by using our water fed pole system using pure de-lionized water and more importantly our operative remains at ground level thus reducing the risk of damage to your property and injury to our operative. This will be pointed out when we first visit your property and assess if there are any health and safety issues that could affect yourself, your property or our operatives.

In accordance with current Health & Safety legislation, Rise ‘N’ Shine Window Cleaning request that all small children and pets are kept inside the property whilst we are cleaning your windows. All items of garden furniture, household items, plant pots and any other obstacles should be moved away from the windows prior to our arrival to allow us reasonable access to perform our cleaning duties. The areas below any window we are due to clean should also be free from any kind of animal excrement, rubbish, building materials or debris that could cause a hazard to our operatives.

Rise ‘N’ Shine Window Cleaning will clean all windows where or whenever possible, however any windows that are inaccessible, blocked or deemed unsafe to do so will usually will not be cleaned and the client will be informed of this. However certain hard to reach windows are sometimes only accessible safely with our Reach & Wash (water fed pole system). Rise ‘N’ Shine Window Cleaning reserve the right to use this method for cleaning certain hard to reach windows, either to reduce risk of damage to your property or injury to one of our operatives.


In the event of any accident, Rise ‘N’ Shine Window Cleaning will instruct an insurance assessor to investigate the cause of the accident. Rise ‘N’ Shine Window Cleaning will not accept liability for any accident deemed out of our control that has occurred as a result of fittings or glass already damaged arising from either faulty construction, poorly maintained windows, doors or conservatory roofs. The client in all instances will solely be responsible for all of these repairs and expenses.

Rise ‘N’ Shine Window Cleaning will not accept liability for water damage to property or items within the property caused as a result of windows being left open prior to any window cleaning commencing. This also includes damaged, cracked windows, frames or any window seals causing water leakage into the property. We are fully insured up to £2,000,000 under our ' Public Liability' insurance policy which is available for any client or potential client to examine if requested.


Domestic Customers can make payment by ‘Cash’ (on the day of their clean) or via ‘GoCardless' STRICTLY WITHIN 7 DAYS if they are not going to be around when we call to clean their windows.

Commercial Customers can make payment by ‘Cash’ (on the day of their clean), ‘or by 'Bank Transfer’ STRICTLY WITHIN 28 DAYS.

WE DO NOT ACCEPT PAYMENT BY BANK TRANSFER OR GOCARDLESS FOR ‘DOMESTIC’, ‘FIRST-TIME’ CLEANING. Payment for ‘Domestic’,‘First-Time’ cleaning must be paid by ‘Cash’ and settled in full on the day immediately after cleaning has been completed.

Commercial customers that repeatedly wait to be reminded before making payment by ‘Bank Transfer’ (when payment becomes due) risks having their service terminated without any prior notification.

Rise ‘N’ Shine Window Cleaning pursue all debts (however small) and we will not hesitate to use the power of the courts when necessary to recover any money that is owed to us. If this type of action is required a customer may incur further court costs plus it may adversely affect the customers ability to obtain future credit. We will always try to work with any customer that is genuinely experiencing a financial problem.

Terms of Service

By excepting our quotation you are agreeing to be bound by all sections under our ‘Terms of Service’. It is your responsibility to make sure you read these terms carefully before any work is carried out on your property.

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