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"Wow I’m so impressed! Thanks Rise N Shine for your continued outstanding service, I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants a good reliable window cleaner!"- Christine Thompson, Duston.

"The level of service at Rise 'N' Shine Window Cleaning is fantastic. Having been a customer for many months now, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism of the staff I have come into contact with. Thank you!”.- Mrs L Henderson, Earls Barton.

"In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. Rise 'N' Shine Window Cleaning was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service is fantastic- Keep up the good work!" - James Owen, Abington, Northampton.

"Good reliable window cleaners are a rare breed I’ve found over the years. I have always found Rise ‘N’ Shine to be friendly, polite and professional. They turn up when they say they will and do a great job." - David Manning. Moulton, Northants.

"My daughter recommended these window cleaners to me after my last window cleaner let me down. they are totally reliable and do a great job every time. My windows have never looked so clean since they’ve been cleaning them." - Mrs Holt. Kingsthorpe, Northampton.

"I thought that every window cleaner did basically the same sort of thing until I asked this company to come and clean my windows. They are absolutely brilliant and do more than what any other window cleaner would do." - Mr Newton, Harpole.

"I still can't believe how this company got my windows to look after my last window cleaner disappeared. My windows look brand new now which makes me wonder what I was paying for with the last window cleaner?" - Debbie Clayton, Duston.

"Brilliant, reliable window cleaning company that I would highly recommend to anyone!”. - John Casey, Wooton.

"At last, decent window cleaners that can be trusted to do what you pay them to do. Great service and reasonable prices”. - Mr Derek Jennings, East Hunsbury.

"I've never had any issues whatsoever over many years of excellent service from these guys. They are honest, friendly and always do a really good job. Many thanks”. - Pete Talbot, Hardingstone.


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Rise ‘N’ Shine Window Cleaning

Cleaning technology of the future, Values of the past

The Reach & Wash System

The dirt on the windows is agitated by using a soft bristle brush in combination with a telescopic pole & 100% ultra pure di-ionised water.

This is a very effective method for cleaning windows and in most cases gives much better results and is far safer than cleaning windows by using the more common traditional methods.

The aggressive strength of 100% ultra pure de-ionised water is very effective indeed, meaning that we don't need to use cleaning detergents on the windows during regular cleaning, so your windows will generally stay cleaner for much longer, plus it's better for the environment.

Pure water in fact does not like being pure at all and will attempt to return to its original state; therefore it actually absorbs dirt particles from the glass aiding the cleaning process behaving almost like a solvent.

The ultra pure water we use for your window cleaning is produced back at our base using either a 6 stage reverse osmosis or 3 stage di-system system.

Water in the Northampton area is generally very hard indeed & readings we get before any water is passed through the first stage of our reverse osmosis system varies between 300-350 ppm (parts per million), unless we use water from our rainwater harvester where first stage input levels are between 12-20 ppm.

After we pass this water through our reverse osmosis or di-system, the readings drop to 0 ppm which is absolutely perfect for window cleaning.

Car Ports, Conservatories, Garages, Extensions, Fences, Porches, Sloped Roofs, Flower Beds, Shrubs & Hedges using the ‘Reach & Wash’ system.  

A brief look at how this technology works...

Did you know… Falls from height remain the most common cause of workplace fatality? In 2014/15 there were 38 fatalities, 4254 major injuries and a further 7126 injuries that caused the injured person to be off work for over 3 days or more due to a fall from height.

Not all of these were window cleaners, but with the window cleaning industry employing over 120,000 in the UK in 2015 they are responsible for between 3-5% of these statistics.

Sadly falls from height & improper use of ladders (as shown on the left) still remain one of the single biggest causes of workplace deaths & work related injury in the United Kingdom today.

Due to the ‘Working at Height’ legislation 2005, we are restricted on how we use ladders & will therefore only clean any hard to reach windows on the first floor & all windows above the first floor using the ‘Reach & Wash’ system.

Improper Use Of Ladders Picture

We can clean windows up to 35 feet (10.6 Meters) safely & effectively from ground level.

Click on the icon below to see how this brilliant window cleaning technology works!

Reach & Wash System Picture

We can clean some of the most difficult to reach windows safely & effectively from ground level including windows above:

Reach & Wash System

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