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"Wow I’m so impressed! Thanks Rise N Shine for your continued outstanding service, I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants a good reliable window cleaner!"- Christine Thompson, Duston.

"The level of service at Rise 'N' Shine Window Cleaning is fantastic. Having been a customer for many months now, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism of the staff I have come into contact with. Thank you!”.- Mrs L Henderson, Earls Barton.

"In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. Rise 'N' Shine Window Cleaning was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service is fantastic- Keep up the good work!" - James Owen, Abington, Northampton.

"Good reliable window cleaners are a rare breed I’ve found over the years. I have always found Rise ‘N’ Shine to be friendly, polite and professional. They turn up when they say they will and do a great job." - David Manning. Moulton, Northants.

"My daughter recommended these window cleaners to me after my last window cleaner let me down. they are totally reliable and do a great job every time. My windows have never looked so clean since they’ve been cleaning them." - Mrs Holt. Kingsthorpe, Northampton.

"I thought that every window cleaner did basically the same sort of thing until I asked this company to come and clean my windows. They are absolutely brilliant and do more than what any other window cleaner would do." - Mr Newton, Harpole.

"I still can't believe how this company got my windows to look after my last window cleaner disappeared. My windows look brand new now which makes me wonder what I was paying for with the last window cleaner?" - Debbie Clayton, Duston.

"Brilliant, reliable window cleaning company that I would highly recommend to anyone!”. - John Casey, Wooton.

"At last, decent window cleaners that can be trusted to do what you pay them to do. Great service and reasonable prices”. - Mr Derek Jennings, East Hunsbury.

"I've never had any issues whatsoever over many years of excellent service from these guys. They are honest, friendly and always do a really good job. Many thanks”. - Pete Talbot, Hardingstone.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I would like a regular window cleaning service, but won’t always be around when you call to clean my windows, how do I pay you?

Answer: If you are a ‘Domestic’ customer, your first clean with us, must be settled by ‘Cash’ ,’ Credit/Debit Card’ on the day immediately after cleaning has been completed. All ‘Domestic’ customers wanting to pay online thereafter, must set-up a direct debit mandate with the GoCardless service. Signing up to the GoCardless service enables us to bill you directly for your regular window cleaning service. Please contact us for further details!

Question: Do you clean the uPVC doors as well as the windows?

Answer: “When using the ‘Reach & Wash’ system we wash all of your uPVC Doors, Window Frames, Window Glass, Window & Door Sills. If you prefer us to clean by ‘Traditional’ methods only i.e. (Ladder, Scrubber & Squeegee), please be aware that we only clean the window glass itself & the window sills”.

Question: Do you charge extra for ‘First-Time’ Window cleaning?

Answer: “It really depends on the on the level of service that you require & the condition of your windows whether we will charge extra for this particular service. Many of our ‘First-Time’ customers opt for an intensive, deep clean of all their uPVC frames, uPVC doors, uPVC window & door sills as well as the intensive cleaning of all their window glass. This level of service requires, specialist cleaning equipment, detergents & uPVC cleaners, so obviously it’s going to be more expensive, but if your Windows, Frames & Sills are in reasonably good condition, we will usually only charge a normal ‘Regular’ cleaning rate”.

Question: Can you call or send me a text message before you come to clean my windows?

Answer: “Certainly! We will never just show up at your property & start cleaning your windows without notifying you first that we intend to call”.

Question: Are you insured?

Answer:We are ‘Comprehensively’ insured  for 'Public Liability', ‘Treatment Risk', ' Loss of Keys' & ' Damage to Property'.

Question: What if I’m not entirely satisfied with the quality of my clean?

Answer: “If you are not entirely satisfied with the quality of the work we have done on your property, we would like to hear from you as soon as possible. We will do whatever we can to put things right for you either the same day (if we can), or the very next working day at the latest & totally free of charge!”

Question: How do you keep track of when my regular clean is due?

Answer: “Our cleaning schedule (amongst all other things) is managed by a sophisticated computer based system. It is this system that sends a text reminder to you automatically, the day before your clean is due. Without this system we could just not function efficiently as a business & keep track of everything we have to do on a daily basis. (Please be assured that personal information we hold on our system will never be shared with any third party for any reason).

Question: Do you operate outside of the Northampton area?

Answer:  “We do cover many areas outside of the immediate Northampton area, however we do charge a little extra to cover our fuel costs”. See Our Area’s.

Question: Will you still come to clean my windows when its raining?

Answer: Rain does not usually affect the quality of your clean in anyway whatsoever, so we will try to clean your windows unless the rain is exceptionally heavy. Its a common misconception that rain water actually dirty’s windows which is complete nonsense. Rain water these days is in fact quite pure as there is not as many contaminants present in the air that the rain can pick up on it’s way down that there was many years ago when everyone used to have coal fires etc.

Question: Can you clean hard to reach windows for example, windows above a Conservatory or Sloped Roof?

Answer: Yes we can. Due to current ‘Health & Safety’ legislation we are not permitted to stand on any type of sloped roof to clean any type of window(s) above a sloped roof. However we can get around this by using our telescopic, ‘Reach & Wash’ system”. See Reach & Wash

Question: Can you clean my windows on any other type of cleaning schedule, apart from the ones already listed on your website?

Answer: “Unfortunately the maximum cleaning schedule we operate for our regular customers is 8 weeks only.

Question: Do you do ‘One-Off’ window cleaning?

Answer: “.Unfortunately we don’t do one-off cleans, only regular scheduled window cleaning”.

Question: Do you clean windows on ‘Terraced’ Houses?

Answer: “Yes we do, but we must have unrestricted, easy parking available for our vehicle directly outside the front of your property to be able to run a micro-bore hose safely from our vehicle, through the front door of your property to clean your rear windows using our ladderless, ‘Reach & Wash’ system”.

Question: Is the ‘Reach & Wash’ system better at cleaning windows than a window cleaner using ‘Ladders & Traditional Tools’?

Answer: The ‘Reach & Wash’ system if used correctly by a trained operator is a very safe, effective way of cleaning windows. The exact same applies for a trained window cleaner using ‘Ladders & Traditional Tools’. Both methods have different roles to play within the window cleaning industry & both also have different advantages & disadvantages. Customer problems usually begin when they mistakenly hire the services of cheap, poorly equipped window cleaners that haven’t got a clue what they are doing. This leaves some customers believing that one method of cleaning is better than the other, which simply isn’t true!”.

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